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Community Impact


Voting is a right that has been fought for across generations. We must build transparency through this right in order to build a better community. CAREE has held 40+ events focused on voter engagement in the past two years. These efforts have resulted in registering over 1,000 NC citizens to vote and informing even more about their candidate options. 


CAREE firmly believes that education and information are components of a strong foundation for growth and development. For this reason, CAREE has provided technology assistance and hotspots for disadvantaged students during COVID as well as provided over 600 supply packs for students in marginalized and rural areas. CAREE also hosts regular events that focus on STEM, history, and literacy.

Financial Literacy

Few things impact a person's success more than how they manage money. CAREE is focused on helping citizens of all ages understand finances and how it impacts their lived experiences. This has resulted in hosting 9 events that have touched hundreds of citizens across 10 counties in NC. 

Economic Development

You can't truly develop a community without providing opportunities for economic growth. We have hosted educational economic development events with a total attendance of over 400 attendees. In addition to that, our community efforts have assisted more than 20 citizens with obtaining full-time employment as well as ushered 3 individuals away from homelessness and into housing.


Many factors contribute to social determinants of health, particularly in Eastern North Carolina. The COVID pandemic has increased those disparities. CAREE is committed to being part of the solution for health equity. Our efforts have yielded the distribution of over 55,000 N95 masks, 70,000 at-home COVID test kits in seven (7) eastern North Carolina counties as well as Guilford county, and yielded more than 3,500 vaccinations. In addition to that, we regularly provide support for 200 senior citizens including hot meals and other essentials over the course of the year. 

Social and Community Engagement

Social Justice, by definition, is justice in terms of the distribution of opportunities, wealth and privileges in society. CAREE advocates for and pushes the needle regarding true social justice in everything we do by empowering citizens to be a part of their community solutions. We care about the impact of all our families, neighbors, and youth. Thus, CAREE has facilitated the service of more than 150 citizens to support efforts in their communities and do not hesitate to advocate for those that cannot advocate for themselves. 


We CAREE in action… not words. 

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