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Holding Hands


CAREE (Citizens Advocating for Racial Equity and Equality) is a 501C3 nonprofit organization of community stakeholders advocating for equality through fair opportunities for growth and development in minority communities. We believe that authentic compassion and focused strategy can help our nation holistically grow.

Our Services

Areas Of Focus

CAREE focuses on six primary areas that we believe impact minority and underserved communities the most.


If 8% more minorities would have voted, the election would have turned out differently. 

(USA Today)


34% of minority households don't have adequate technology for virtual education or work from home.

(Pew Research)

Social Justice

Social determinants of health disparities have been a constant in marginalized communities and are being exacerbated by the pandemic. 

Financial Literacy

 African American debt is 50% higher despite lower income (NY Times).


"Minorities experience a disproportionate burden of preventable disease, death, and disability compared with non-minorities."

(CDC, March 2020)


The median Minority income is dropping, with African American income being less today than it was in the year 2000 (LA Times). 



"The CAREE economic development conference gave me real business information that I could use to grow my family."

Glenwood Allen
Entrepreneur Week Attendee

Community Members Served

CAREE has directly impacted the lives of over 25,000 North Carolinians in the past 18 months through our pillars. CAREE has held over 50+ health and educational seminars, 3 economic development conferences, 40+ voting engagement initiatives, 2 financial literacy conferences, distributed more 55,000 N95 masks and well over 7,000 at- home COVID test kits to date across 10 counties across NC.

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